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Seller Terms


What documents are required to open a store on Bossl?

Bossl is an amazing platform to establish and expand your business. We made trading with us accessible to all entrepreneurs. You will not require to provide any Trade License or Products Quality Certificates. Although registering your seller’s account on our platform will bind you to comply with all the Terms and Conditions as well as to follow Privacy Policy to ensure the smooth operation of your business.

By creating a seller’s account, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to adhere to the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.


What products can be sold on Bossl?

We encourage our Vendors to list the full range of their available products within the broad catalog of our supported categories that can be checked below. All the items should be brand new, be of a good quality that corresponds the description and pictures:

1. Women Clothes

2. Women Shoes

3. Men Clothes

4. Men Shoes

5. Bags (men & women)

6. Watches (men & women)

7. Underwear and sleepwear (men & women)

8. Accessories and Jewelry

9. Baby Clothes

10. Baby Supplies

11. Toys

12. Pet Supplies

13. Wedding and Events

14. Beauty and Health

15. Gifts

16. Sports

17. Hunting

18. Kitchen

19. Furniture

20. Tools

21. Consumer Electronics

22. Laptops

23. Phone and Tablets

24. Phone Accessories

25. Video Games

Restricted products that cannot be sold on Bossl

There is a certain list of products categories that we do not support due to moral reasons or legal regulations:

1. Products containing tobacco, drugs, alcohol.

2. Products that violate any kind of intellectual property.

3. Fake/brands without license (i.e. Nike, Adidas, Chanel and others).

4. Intimate accessories.

5. Used, faulty or damaged items.


7.Animal-Related Products.

8. Drugs and drug paraphernalia

9.Food & Beverage.

10.Sex & Sensuality.

11. Tobacco & Tobacco-Related Products

12.Explosives, Weapons, and Related Items

13.Gambling & Lottery

14.Human Parts & Burial Artifacts 


>How to list products on Bossl


There are several ways to do that. Please see the list below:

1. While setting up your store you will find a standard template file that will require you to enter your products and then, using a designated plug-in, you will be able to list all the items automatically.

2. In case you already have an existing store on any other platform such as Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, Etsy, with the use of special connector plug-in you can fetch and transfer your products on our website automatically.

3. Some of the items you can list manually as well.

We reserve the right to discontinue any products at any time for any reason. Prices for all products are subject to change or correction. No notification will be issued.

Listed products verification

To ensure proper compliance with Terms and Conditions all the listed items are subject to verification by our technical team prior to having them live on our website.

Can I list duplicate products under different price?

Yes. You totally can!


All products that are not available in your stock should have a mention of the date they will become available for shipping upon clearance of the full advance payment.


We do not impose any standard warranty requirements on products sold through our platform. Each seller should clearly specify any applicable warranty terms for each listing.


Account/store registration, listing fees and sales commission

1. We do not charge any fees for store/account registration.

2. First 25 listings will be free, and any following will be charged 0.17$.

3. There will be a commission of 3.99% for each transaction.

Can I register more than one store?

To keep the workflow in tact and to avoid any confusions you cannot register several stores to sell the same products.

Statement of account

As a seller your Statement of Account will reflect your orders information, transactions and invoices from us.

Store analytics

To stay on top of your business, you can use our powerful statistics tool that will help you to track your store analytics and see the sales reports.

Account suspension

We expect our sellers to adhere to our regulations and take seriously your own terms of business. Specifying all the required identifiers of your product, such as quality, warranty, expected handling and delivery time, implies you to fulfill the obligations. There is a brief list of violations that can lead to the account suspension:

1. Failing to address the buyer communications and complains for more than 48 hours.

2. In case seller is found guilty in a dispute but he fails to implement Bossl final resolution.

3. Non-payment of Bossl fees within 15 days. Your account will be reinstated upon payment again.

4. Violation of any other policies or regulations.

In the even where your account gets suspended or blocked, we will be sending a notification letter to your registered email address with the explanation of what lead us to taking this restrictive measure and the required actions to get it reinstated.


How do I get paid?

Payment for each transaction will be credited to your PayPal account directly.

How do you charge commissions?

The commission for each transaction is 3.99%. We will be sending you an invoice at the end of each month for the total commission amount of all processed transactions throughout that period of time.

Will I get my commission refunded if I process refund to the buyer?

Unfortunately, the commission deduction if final and is not a subject to refund.

Order cancellation fee

It is the responsibility of the sellers to ensure availability and the quality of the products you list and ship. Therefore, there are certain cases in which seller can be charged a cancellation fee of 15% out of total order value. Besides that, the seller should fully refund the shipping and customs fees to the buyer:

1. If the product has been paid for by the buyer, although is out of stock or is no longer available/ or is not meant to be shipped to a certain country for any reason.

2. If the product was shipped but has never been delivered and the proof has been provided by the buyer.

3. If the shipped product is different from description, damaged or faulty and the proof has been provided by the buyer.

If the seller is found guilty in dispute

If seller is found guilty in dispute, he will be fined 26% of the transaction fees (product price + shipping).

Buyer can open dispute in following scenarios:

1. If the seller has cancelled the order but haven’t refunded within 24 hours. The refund might take up to 30 working days (depending on the payment/refund method selected) but the proof of refund has to be provided to customer within 24 hours.

2. If the customer has cancelled the order but the seller haven’t refunded within 24 hours. The refund might take 30 working days (depending on the payment/refund method selected) but the proof of refund has to be provided to customer within 24 hours.

3. If the product is different from the one the customer ordered.

4. If the product is not of the quality as advertised by the customer.

5. If the product didn’t arrive within specific delivery time frame.

6. If the product didn’t arrive at all.

7. If the seller fails to respond to customer’s inquiry three consecutive times.

Shipping policy

We highly recommend you clearly specify the sale and shipping terms and conditions in your listing so that the buyer could estimate his expectations.

Order handling and dispatch time is subject to shipping terms and conditions set by the seller. Although it should not be done later than 25 days following the payment clearance.

Late delivery

The seller undertakes to comply with the shipping and delivery deadline that he provides to the buyer. In case the delivery time exceeds the initially declared, the seller will be deemed to pay additional 10% late delivery charges out of total transaction amount.

Privacy guidelines

As a seller you will require some of the buyer’s personal details to fulfill the purchase and facilitate further shipping of the products. This information should only be used for the purpose it is provided. You may not disclose, sell, rent, or distribute a user's information to a third party for purposes unrelated to the Services. Additionally, you may not use user information for marketing purposes, via electronic or other means, unless you obtain the consent of the specific user to do so.

Buyer-seller communication

A buyer can inquire for some more detailed information with regard to his perspective or current order from the seller or coordinate the return/refund through the direct messages or chat. Although we may, without notice, and at full discretion monitor the communication between the seller and the buyer to maintain proper compliance with the Terms and Conditions to ensure that:

1. No deal will take place directly outside Bossl.

2. No advertising, promotional materials, requests or spam will be sent to the Bossl community members.

3. No extortion will be used towards the buyer to obtain positive reviews or high ratings.

4. Similarly, the buyer cannot contact any seller offering posting higher ratings or positive reviews for any kind of incentives.


The buyer did not leave me a feedback

Please note that feedback system is voluntary. In case you have completed the transaction successfully, but the buyer did not leave any feedback and/or did not rate you, you can politely remind or suggest him to leave you a feedback or rate your store that could help you to enhance the quality of your order processing or promote your business.

I have received a negative feedback that I do not agree with

If the buyer has left a comment that doesn’t correspond the truth and you have evidence to that or it violates the Feedback Policies you can contact us on vendors(at) and we will take an action accordingly.


Do you support google shopping feed?

Business success of our vending partners is one of our top priorities. And we are happy to offer a maximum number of options to make trading easy and productive. Therefore, Google Shopping feed tool is one of the many we provide.

You can check the entire list of available add-ons here.

Do you provide any marketing services?

To level up your business you can enjoy a customized digital marketing package, tailored to your company and your goals. It combines ads and other promotional materials as AdChina, Google Shopping ads and posts on social media platforms, i.e. Facebook and IG.

To compliment your marketing strategy, we offer an extended package that includes different types of influencer collaboration (discount codes and affiliate marketing, competitions and giveaways, long-term ambassador roles, sponsored blog post, PR stunt, social media mention, event activation, guest posting on your platforms, influencer takeover, contra strategies and gifting, the internal role, the PR approach, banner ads) and participation in live events.

Affiliate system

You can build your audience and extend awareness of your products among larger number of customers using the affiliate system.

With the help of this marketplace add-on, the sellers can use affiliate marketing system for their product listings. Anyone can register himself as affiliate user on the marketplace and start referring vendor products on third-party websites or blogs. A seller can keep track of all the advertisement clicks, purchases, payments and HTML banner ads easily.


We will be happy to guide you through your store set-up process and help you navigate any questions that might arise in the meantime. Feel free to reach us out on vendors(at)