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MIQOO T10 10.1" Dual Camera Android Mobile Phone

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with T10 you can achieve high quality phone with cheap price T10 is powered by android and has a ARM processor, it also has a flash memory storage type and you can store music, pictures, videos, games and even movies with its 64GB hard drive capacity you can also enjoy taking picuters and selfies with its dual camera, you dont need to worry about getting low signal because T10 has a 4G network type and built in induction intelligent gravity sensing additonal features: GPS naviagation, compass function, dual card stanby, IPS screen, original handwriting. order yours now! • model T10 Article number T10 Source category Spot system ANDROID Processor clocked 1.5GHz Storage type Flash memory screen size 10.1 inches camera Dual cameras Communication function Support phone Network Type 4G Processor core four core Additional • features GPS navigation, solid state hard disk, compass function, dual card dual standby, IPS scree


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