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MIQOO PB Round Hole Android

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MIQOO PB round hole is the best gift for your love ones it is powered by android and has a flash memory with the its 16GB hard drive capacity so you can store pictures, musics, and videos, and download games, do you love taking pictures? MIQOO has a dual camera so you can take pictures whenever you want, and it also has a bluetooth so you can share your files with friends, additional features: GPS navigation, dual card, gravity sensing so what are you waiting for? buy now! • Brand MIQOO • model PB round hole Source category Spot operating system ANDROID • processor Other processors Storage type Flash memory • Hard drive capacity 16 GB camera Dual cameras • Bluetooth stand by Built-in induction Intelligent gravity sensing Processor core four core Additional features GPS navigation, dual card dual standby, gravity sensing, telephone communication, support for Bluetooth, ARM architecture Language English, multiple languages Material / craft Plastic body Product Size 24 * 17 * 0.9CM 0.8 (KG) Custom processing Yes Whether to support agent joining stand by


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