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Double 360° Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

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Our magnetic cable has a nylon braided construction and comes with all the bells and whistles we expect from magnetic chargers. It is made of high-quality cords that provide high-speed and stable charging. The magnetic plug-in function is convenient for you to charge with blind-eye. With the easy plug-in, it avoids damages to your phone charging port.

perfect for all devices - there are 3 types of adaptors for you to use in all kinds of devices including apple, android, and type-C

flash night light - with a flashing night light for easy-search for your phone in the dim environment

double 360 degree - it supports all-angles rotation with the special design and allows you to have a more convenient charging experience

comfortable holding - with the 180-degrees rotating direction, you can hold the phone in a more comfortable way when charging

strong magnet adhesion - with the strong magnet, you can charge your phone easily in just one second

durable material - it is durable and not easy to break compared to normal cables in the market


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